Chandelao is a quiet hamlet located close to the bustling city of Jodhpur. The population is a paltry 1700 people who get their livelihood from farming and livestock. Chandelao Garh, is a medieval fortress that gives you a peek into the feudal past and the bygone era of rural Rajasthan. Converted into a small hotel, it is a courtyard bordered by simple buildings except for the single ornate structure called the Zenana (or ladies area) which has excellent carvings in red stone.

The rooms are well-appointed and luxurious, each possessing its own unique rustic character. If the hotel is not full then ask the owner if he can show you the other rooms. Each room holds a story that will leave you feeling that you are reliving history and the owner Mr Pradhuman Singh, has decorated each room with little antique personal items and traditional furniture.

The terrace restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy a royal Rajasthani feast. Chandelao provides the opportunity to interact with the local community through village walks and a jeep safari that take you to nearby villages and the desert countryside to visit the head of a local tribe and a pottery. Viewing the local wildlife is also a possibility here with the surrounding inhabited by peacocks, gazelles and the blue bulls.