A small fiefdom that stands between Udaipur and Jaipur, it is a settlement that boasts of a popular school of miniature paintings – which are also the personal collection of the present ruler. The Deogarh Mahal stands on a hill offering a beautiful view of the Aravalli mountain range and lakes nearby the countryside. This 17th century Palace is decorated with majestic domes, turrets, jharokhas and huge gateways etc. There are some fascinating chambers in the palace such as Sheesh Mahal, and colourful hall of mirrors etc.

The palace was converted into a hotel some time ago. They grow their own vegetables as well as milk products and oils. Each room has a story to tell and the décor are items that were used by the erstwhile royal residents.


The market is colourful and a village walk takes you into the life and routine of the locals. The palace also offers activities like trekking, horse carriage rides, boating and cycling. There are various kinds of birds that frequent the lake area and are a treat for bird watchers.