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"Hassle free and constant touch would be the 'USP' of our interaction with regards to the holiday. Many thanks for all the details that you meticulously worked out. The hotels both in Delhi and Amritsar were really nice with a special mention of the staff of the Ritz in Amritsar who were just so forthcoming! Our Guide was informative as was warm and courteous (recommend him highly!). The vehicle was clean and driver attentive, infact we felt quite safe when we learnt that he would be with us until we reach Manali. Again Delhi the hotel was quite comfortable and located aptly with the shopping requirement ! Thanks for everything and by now, quite a few friends have your numbers already!"

By: Payal Desai
Goa, India

"Just been dragged home from an amazingly relaxing and wonderful 2 weeks in Goa organized by Rustic India.Everything was perfect including being welcomed into the Rustic office and watching Felix "in action",shopping with Gwen and eating with Jassa - some things never change!!!We asked for 2 relaxing weeks in nice accomodation and Rustic excelled themselves yet again oh and the plans for 2013 are already underway....Thank you Rustic India for a very very special visit - we'll be back - hasta la vista babies"

By: Justine Smith
England but belong to India

"This is the question those of us who like new experiences and ‘off the beaten track’ places agonise over – we wish to be the first, but end up the second –whether it’s because we’re too lazy (me!) or too busy (everyone else!) to really arrange a unique experience. Well – I travelled with Rustic India last year and it fell beautifully in between. If you just want everything to run like clockwork, and to spend your time surrounded by other Europeans/Americans/Aussies – look away now. If you want to go into what looks like a small dirty shed to have the best Halal Biriani for a quid – read on!

In one chi chi hotel – the cellar bar staff (all 5 of them) can’t organise a round of drinks – amusing/frustrating – and it brings out the ‘foreman’ in you; in another they know you want a gin and tonic by the pool before you do yourself – sublime – and it brings out the lotus eater in you.

You have hurtled down the mountain in the dark on a dizzying continuation of hairpin bends at 5 a.m. in a cab with music belting out, just to get a train ticket back up again – too bad – no tickets! What to do? Back up the mountain, exhilarated by sleep starvation, amazing views and laughter – then what? Find a religious festival with a forty foot wide fire, walk round barefoot 3 times flinging salt – then be marked on your forehead and feel blessed. Then get on the train the rest of the way!

Stay in woven huts, with sumptuous fabric hangings, on a deserted beach – hardest thing to do? Getting out the hammock. Stay on a woven boat and be garlanded with flowers – hardest thing to do? Opening a beer.

Embrace South India stretch time and it will embrace you – as will all the people who want to talk to you, have their photo taken with you, find you the coldest beer and the fanciest sari!

How does Jassa seem to know everyone in every city you arrive at, always find what you want to do – even if you’ve just thought about it, answer all your questions – about religion, politics, culture, shopping, beer and still be so patient with you (me!) when you faff and moan? Because he is professional, loves his country, wants you to love it. And then there is Felix! There in the background ‘sorting stuff’.

Practice seeing opportunities in what others might perceive to be a problem and learn the meaning of calm. Each of these experiences become a story that you tell when you come home, feeling like a traveller but having been looked after (subtly) like a tourist. I’m doing it again this year – it’s a big country – so much still to see."

By: Rosie Lyden

"Rustic India is a fantastic company to organize your travels in India. I have traveled twice with Jassa and the last trip was organized by Felix with Jassa as our guide. The accommodation and the restaurants were fantastic. The amazing experiences so unique to India, which they shared with us, both planned and unplanned made our travel fantastic. Nothing is ever a problem for these guys and their love of India and the enjoyment they get from sharing it with travelers is inspiring!! Yes - we will be back in 2012!!"

By: Jill Smith
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